Bookkeeping for Startups

outsourced accounting services for startups

You didn’t start your business to become a bookkeeper and tax expert. You started it to let your entrepreneurial spirit thrive and achieve success. Some startup owners might be concerned about the security risks of handing over their financial information.

This doesn’t even take into account the time and costs invested in the process, which could drive outstanding results for the company. By utilizing the services of outsourcing firms, you can gain access to an accomplished team of accountants without having to actually hire them. From pre-seed to Series C, no one knows startups better—it’s why we’re the largest startup accounting firm in the US. Professional accountants work to solve problems, provide complete reports, and advance your company to grow and develop its business.

Three reasons your tech startup should consider outsourced accounting

We can deliver whether you need controller services to ensure everything runs smoothly or a more comprehensive solution such as fractionalized CFO services to provide real-time reports and financial analysis. Continue reading to learn why it makes sense to outsource your accounting as a startup. Tom has over 25 years of experience working in finance and accounting, as a Senior Accountant and an Accounting Manager and controller. His experience includes general ledger accounts, cash management, accounts payable/receivable, inventory control, reconciliations, and reporting. Tom recently joined our firm after the last three years in the printing industry. He also has accounting experience in Property Management, Mortgage Banking, and the Health Insurance industries.

As your transaction volume increases or business finances become more complex, the bookkeeping may become more than a part-time bookkeeper can tackle. However, the work might not be enough to require a full-time or in-house bookkeeper. For a startup, an accountant can offer the following functions i.e. business licensing, policies and procedures, expense tracking, monetary planning, revenue accounting, cash flow analysis, and tax accounting services for startups preparation. It is one of the most important benefits of outsourcing accounting that every startup wants. Through an outsourcing accounting model, there is no longer a need to hire full-time accountants and employees and pay them hefty salaries. Outsourcing accounting is the best way to benefit from the expertise of a professional and efficient accountant in managing your company’s financial accounts and keeping track of records.

Here is what to look for in a startup bookkeeper:

But before you start searching “how much should I pay an accountant for my small business,” let’s take a look at some facts. This implies you are spending twice the time it would take a skilled bookkeeper to reconcile your books. Along with enhanced productivity, an outsourced bookkeeper with training would be more accurate.

You can cut back when you want and add more when you have the cash. For smaller startups, outsourcing also offers you the freedom to focus on growing your company as you and your small staff won’t feel distracted by accounting matters that can eat up valuable time. Virtual, outsourced, and online are often used interchangeably when referring to bookkeeping and accounting. However, a virtual bookkeeper or virtual accountant can sometimes refer to accountants or CPAs who work out of their homes and contract out their services individually.

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It’s certainly a critical decision and depends on whether the company’s staff has enough experience, and if they are comfortable taking up expanding accounting tasks. However, over 60% of start-ups also believe they’re overpaying their taxes, which could be a massive contributor to the organization’s finances. Due to this fact, many have started to feel that outsourcing accounting is indeed the right way to go.

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